CEO: Jules BILLIET INOCEL designs, manufactures and markets high power, modular fuel cells for stationary, heavy ground mobility, and marine sectors. Its expertise includes the development of fuel cell technologies as well as the integration into a complete system. INOCEL also supports its customers with predictive maintenance, and advanced monitoring and control services.

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CEO: Roland BAVIERE Today, distribution losses in district heating and cooling systems exceeds 15 % of sales volume. DistrictLab develops and commercializes an innovative software solution to track and correct 100 % energy losses in these systems with no compromise on project execution time. The company ambitions a leader position in computer

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CEO: Yannick VESCHETTI Founded in September 2022, Heliup develops and produces photovoltaic lightweight panels dedicated to large building rooftops. The ambition is to achieve massive, decentralized deployment of green energy production systems with reduced environmental impact. The patented technology, developed at CEA, reduces the weight of the photovoltaic power plant by 60% while

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CEO: Bruno LAGUITTON Determination of product authenticity is crucial at all stages, from raw material to final product, onto assembly or distribution chains. INOOCQ’s identiDOTS addresses this need by providing unprecedented tracking of the authenticity of products, ensuring safety for consumers and that every product reaches its destination. Protected by 11 patents and

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