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Today,  50% of dismantled PhotoVoltaic (PV) modules in Europe could be reused instead of ending as waste. X-TENSION proposes an innovative systemic solution (circular business models, financing schemes, incentives, regulations and inclusive approaches, technologies for diagnosis and repair) to extend the lifecycle of PV modules with a second-life at a competitive cost compared to new-built.  …

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Woodtech adresses the decarbonation of Building Construction activities. CEA’s researchers have developed a molecular modification of european wood that makes it as resistant to rot as the best tropical woods, with a much better environmental & economic balance. Contact: ✦ Olivier FLECHON – ✉


INOCEL is a young startup accelerating the energy transition by democratizing high performance hydrogen fuel cells and offering complete hydrogen powertrain solutions. INOCEL modules are designed and developed to optimize robustness, durability and efficiency. Our modular products are suitable for marine, land mobility and stationary power generation applications. INOCEL’s mission is to support and accompany …

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Steadysun was created in 2013 from technologies developed at LITEN.  World-class player in the energy transition, Steadysun offers products and services to foster the integration of solar energy into electrical systems, while reducing the risks and the costs associated with weather variability. Contact: ✦ Caroline DEFOREIT – ✉Website:


DistrictLab – Digital twins for energy systems. Today, distribution losses in district heating and cooling systems exceeds 15 % of sales volume. DistrictLab develops and commercializes an innovative software solution to track and correct 100 % energy losses in these systems with no compromise on project execution time. The company ambitions a leader position in …

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Ener-Pacte an impactful and innovative actor To secure, optimize and guarantee the financial profitability of solar power plants, at Ener-Pacte we have chosen to focus our efforts on R&D. A constructive partnership with the CEA at INES has enabled recent technology transfers. And we have invested more than €1.7 million since 2018. A strategy that …

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HELIUP is a greentech start-up developing, producing and commercializing light solar panels dedicated to rooftops of commercial and industrial buildings. The company ambition is become a solar manufacturing leader and to contribute to a large deployment of solar energy with very low environmental impact. Contact:✦ Yannick VESCHETTI: ✉Website: (under construction)

Electrical Vehicle Lithium-ion batteries advanced Recycling process: from research to industrial reality✦ Thursday December, 1st – 17:00 Véronique PERES R&D Project Manager and Fellow Expert – Orano I’m in charge of R&D projects in the common lab Orano/CEA Liten in Grenoble. We focus on circular economy dedicated to strategical metals valorization. We develop some innovative …

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High efficiency hydrogen production to support industrial decarbonisation✦ Thursday December, 1st – 11:15 Gilles IAFRATE CTO, Genvia Gilles IAFRATE is the Chief Technology Officer of Genvia, a joint venture between the CEA and Schlumberger, Vicat, Vinci and RégionOccitanie. Before joining Genvia in March 2021, Gilles was a Vice President of Schlumberger New Energy with technical …

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