Philippe STOHR

Philippe STOHR CEO Energy Division ■ CEA Energy is at the heart of Philippe Stohr’s career: R&D, markets and strategy, project planning and development… Both through institutional functions – he began his career in the department “Energy, Transport and Natural Ressources” of the Ministry of Research and Technology – or in the private sector –

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Valérie MASSON-DELMOTTE Senior Scientist ■ CEA / Member of the National Climate Change Committee ■ Haut Conseil Climat Valérie Masson-Delmotte is a climate scientist with an extensive research background on issues such as quantifying and understanding past climate and water cycle variability, climate information from ice cores, climate response to natural and anthropogenic forcings, climate

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Hélène BURLET NTE expert at the CEA’s Scientific Division for Energies ■ CEA After a PhD degree in Materials Sciences at Ecole des Mines Paris, Dr Helene Burlet joined the Laboratory of Innovation for New Energy Technologies and Nanomaterials at CEA-Grenoble. She was for more than 20 years in charge of the development of materials

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Emmanuelle COR

Emmanuelle COR Environmental Analyst & Ecoinnovation Expert ■ CEA-Liten Emmanuelle Cor is a Life Cycle Assessment expert at CEA LITEN, in Grenoble France. She owns an engineering degree in environmental management, green chemistry and industrial processes. Her expertize is linked to the development of methods and studies for the evaluation of the environmental impacts of

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Nicolas VASSET

Nicolas VASSET Research Engineer ■ CEA-Liten Nicolas is a researcher specialized in the field of modeling for simulation and optimization of large-scale energy networks. His interests range from the optimal (and sober) design and operation of district heating networks, to the improved integration of renewable energy sources in energy production systems. A graduate of Ecole

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Jessika TRANCIK Institute for Data, Systems and Society ■ Massachusetts Institute of Technology Jessika Trancik is a Professor in the Institute for Data, Systems, and Society at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her research examines the dynamic costs, performance, and environmental impacts of energy systems to inform climate policy and accelerate beneficial and equitable technology

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